“These are the beautiful commercial grade seashells. However, please take note that they are NOT replicas or man-made.”

Wholesale for Commercial Seashells.We have a big collection of commercial seashells for you to choose.

Seashells have never come from the sea in perfect conditions. There are many things influences their growth, such as other small shells, barnacles, sea-grass etc. They usually have chipped edges and scratches that need to be cut, trimmed down and polished. Without the required equipment and experience, you will have to live with these imperfections.

I have spent years with seashells and as people say, practice makes perfect. I have developed some very unique methods of cleaning and polishing to a lovely final result. Our quality and prices are very competitive in the industry.

The product images shown here are for illustration / representation purposes only. The actual product may differ slightly in colour and size. Postage and Courier Charges will be quoted upon confirmation of order.

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