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1 )My Vision of Seashells

My interest in seashell collection has been the catalyst for my many travels to several counties in the region, which offered great insights and enriched my knowledge. Among the places I have visited are Dalian Seashell Museum, London Natural History Museum,Bangkok Seashell Museum, India Mahabaliburam Shells Museum, Philippines Nova Shell Museum, and Phuket Seashells Museum.

In the near future, I have plans to exhibit my seashell collections. If I can find sufficient like-minded people, setting up a museum and a library on Seashell in Malaysia as well as publishing a book on Seashell for hobbyists are my ambitious vision.

Seashell collection a great hobby for anyone, regardless of age. I am keen to support anyone who would like to pursue their interest in seashells.

2 )Collecting Seashells as a Hobby

Looking to take up a new hobby? Collecting seashells just might be it! The hobby of collecting seashells has been done for thousands of years.Whether you live by the seashore or are an occasional visitor of beach site,a shell advertises nature’s art.But some of us like to walk along the seashore looking and discovering shells. Collecting shells has been an active hobby for amateurs and a vocation for professionals for many years.(www.HobbyLark.Com)

3 )How do I start a hobby as a Seashell Collector?

Your first step is to identify the seashells that you are interested in. You can visit our website for helpful information to get you familiarize with some of the common, as well as, rare seashells.

If you are a beginner with limited cash in hand, we recommend you to begin with common shells sold commercially and in bulk sales. The prices are reasonable too. Both are available at our website.

Seashells collection is a great hobby, which will ‘take your interest around the globe’, while you are still seated at the comfort of your home.