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    MYTHS SYMBOL OF SEASHELLS Along the coastlines of the world, a great variety of shells can be found. Seashells are made by the animals that live inside them and all shells grow steadily outward. Shells are among the most remarkable designs found in nature. Examples are the chambered nautilus, the sundial shell, and the triton shell. Shells are usually perceived as feminine; a symbol of birth, good fortune, and resurrection. Bivalved mullusks represent the womb and fertility.
  • Ancient Seashells

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    THE MYSTIC POWER The Mystic Power of Seashells in Ancient and Modern History. Seashells are very beautiful pieces of the ocean. Seashells have been used in many different cultures as money, art, jewelry and much more. Beginning in the 17th century, European colonial trade and exploration in the Far East and Australasia brought back exotic seashells for wealthy collectors in Europe who prized them as precious items.This inspired conchylomania, or “madness for collecting shells,” which derives from the Latin word “concha” for “mussel.”Beautiful collections of seashells have been found in remote places throughout the world. Whether you are by the ocean or not you may find beautiful discoveries in the landscape around you. Here are some gorgeous examples of some mystical uses for seashells.

    SACRED SHELLS 1)Cowrie shells Money

    2)Jewelry and Ornaments

    3)Religious and Spiritual Objects

    4)Tools and Domestic Implements

  • Feng Shui Shells

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    Shells in Feng Shui.Seashells have their own  place in Chinese culture and history.Conch shells, cowrie shells or seashells are popular and have special meaning in feng shui. They represent acomfortable home and a feeling of contentment. Shells also represent protection, like a shield. Shells are believed to enhance the travel luck as well as to strengthen long distance relationship. Beside improving relationship luck,shells are useful for attracting overseas business. They are also considered as an excellent symbol for people who wish to have harmonious relationship with the famous and the rich.Read( fengshui shells)

  • 'Roman' Helmets

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    HELMET SHELLS INTERESTING FACTS Helmet shells have been used since the Roman Empire for everything from food to cooking pots, trumpets, and jewelry.Cassidae can grow very large and their shells resemble Roman Helmets. These are sand dwellers mainly hunting sea urchins such as sand dollars, using chemicals to penetrate through the hard case via the anus or by drilling a hole.Most cameos are made from the Bullmouth helmet shell (Cypraecassis rufa). This shell which is native to East Africa is shipped to Italy for carving into cameos. Julius Caesar presented Cleopatra with a cameo shell asa sign of his affection for the Egyptian Queen. Family: Cassidae. The Helmet family includes bonnets, false tuns, and true helmets.They number around 60 species worldwide.The larger Helmets feed on members of the sea urchin family.The helmet creature uses its radular teeth and acidic secretions to drill a hole into the shell of the urchin and digest the soft parts within.They live in shallow waters with most of the shell buried below the surface of the sand. The larger helmets build a“shield” to help them glide along the sandy sea bottom.  
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    It is  estimated there are approximately 85,000 mollusc species living on the planet and of these: 50,000 are marine, 30,000 are land and 5,000 live in freshwater.
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    Handpicked Seashells Large Size Shells , Medium Size Shells ,Small & Tiny Shells...Seashells are some of the most beautiful natural objects on earth.Their sheer variety of size,shape,colour and pattern make them a joy to collectors and enthusiasts alike.
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    Land Snails have considerable human relevance, including as food items, as pests, as vectors of disease, and their shells are used as decorative objects and are incorporated into jewelry. The snail has also had some cultural significance, and has been used as a metaphor.
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    Marine life, or sea life or ocean life, is the plantsanimals and other organisms that live in the salt water of the sea or ocean, or the brackish water of coastal estuaries. At a fundamental level, marine life helps determine the very nature of our planet. Marine organisms produce much of the oxygen we breathe. Shorelines are in part shaped and protected by marine life, and some marine organisms even help create new land.
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    After a trip to the shore, why not turn seaside treasures into keepsakes and accents for your home? Get inspired by these creative shell ideas.Sea shell art and crafts are one of many ways to use natural treasures you find on the beach and add charming and unique accents enhancing your interior decorating. You can create seashell ornaments for your Christmas tree and sea shell crafts for accent wall decor or design amazing seashell decorations for your party table. Chandeliers and table lamp shades, furniture and shower curtains, wall shelves and mosaic tiles, flowerpots and door wreath created or decorated with sea shells look fabulous, enriching home decor with unique shapes, beautiful colors and a natural feel.
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    OCS Seashells are naturally very beautiful objects and that is why it is a excellent idea to use them for decoration purposes. Daily we see people sharing on different platforms the DIY Seashell crafts ideas. Though one can surely visit these platforms to get an insight about the DIY Seashell crafts ideas however not all of these ideas are very easy to apply and as a beginner you may end up being in trouble. To make it easier for our collectors and audience, in this web we will present some of the most basic Seashells Souvenirs and crafts ideas which you can easily apply as a beginner of marine Curiously... . Though these Shells souvenirs and ideas are numerous however we have filtered out the below mentioned ones and suitable for Marine Collectors.
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    DG Eye Catching Conversation Pieces into the interior or exterior design of your home and office.Treat yourself or someone you love with decorative seashells.All seashells are one of a kind gifts from the sea.

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