After a trip to the shore, why not turn seaside treasures into keepsakes and accents for your home? Get inspired by these creative shell ideas.Sea shell art and crafts are one of many ways to use natural treasures you find on the beach and add charming and unique accents enhancing your interior decorating. You can create seashell ornaments for your Christmas tree and sea shell crafts for accent wall decor or design amazing seashell decorations for your party table. Chandeliers and table lamp shades, furniture and shower curtains, wall shelves and mosaic tiles, flowerpots and door wreath created or decorated with sea shells look fabulous, enriching home decor with unique shapes, beautiful colors and a natural feel.

Shells Arts & Crafts

  • Custom-Framed Seashells Art

    Custom-Framed Seashells Art (15)

    SAC We take pride in every framed fine art that we made. This framed Seashell is a beautiful option for formal living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, dens, or offices. No matter where you decide to hang your framed artwork, we're so sure that you'll love it - we're so sure that we back each framed artwork with a 100% Satisfaction guaranteed policy.
  • Nautical Souvenirs

    Nautical Souvenirs (10)

    SAC Nautical Souvenirs is unique nautical gift to evoke the love for the sea you share with them. Choose one from the nautical gifts ideas mentioned here.Here are nautical themed gifts example that are inspired by the sea. ... only have a fully functional piece but a beautifully defined one as well.
  • Pen&Pencil H/Book-End/Memo

    Pen&Pencil H/Book-End/Memo (9)

    SAC Discover Pen and Pencil Holders on this website at a great price. Our Desk Décor category offers a great selection of Pen and Pencil Holders , Bookend Holder ,Memo Holder and more.
  • Seashells Gifts/Showcase

    Seashells Gifts/Showcase (16)

    SAC  If you have a collection of shells, take them out and display them to give your home that peaceful beachy look.We hope these ideas inspire you to get creative with your seashells collection!
  • Toothpicks/Cocktail Holder

    Toothpicks/Cocktail Holder (11)

    SAC Beautiful handmade seashells toothpicks/Cocktails picks stored in a seashell/container. All Seashells are genuine.Wrapped in plastic or stored in bottle to avoid contamination.
  • Value Buy:”Seashells”

    Value Buy:”Seashells” (4)

    SAC Get the best deals on ‘Collectible Shells’ when you shop at Malaysia’s largest online Seashell selection site, Browse for your favourite seashells now.
  • LOVE Craft Shells

    LOVE Craft Shells (64)

    SAC Shells Arts and crafts are such a source of relief from the stresses that life brings. And you have to remember that just because it comes under the purview of art and crafts does not mean that it has to be difficult or expensive. In fact there are so many Art & Crafts that use simple materials or things that you need not worry. Take for instance crafts with seashells, a gift from the sea, which is both charming, easily available and if you are willing to trawl the shores of the sea or purchased it, inexpensive.
  • Super Deal

    Super Deal (37)

    SAC Special Offer with incredible price.Grab it immediately for your value of money.
  • Shells Mix Basket/Net

    Shells Mix Basket/Net (30)

    SAC A beautiful assortment of various sized shells ranging from conchas to teeny tiny micro shells that compliment any design scheme with its warm neutral orange, pinks, brown and grey color tones.Make a soothing under the sea theme by using them for fish tank decorations and designing a miniature reproduction garden beach scene. Turn hobbies and art projects from ordinary to extraordinary with the assortment of sea shells.
  • Seashells Ornaments

    Seashells Ornaments (19)

    SAC Creating ornaments and decorations from seashells is a beautiful, chic yet natural way to decorate our homes and a craft that is dear to my heart. If you are a crafty, DIY type of person like I am, who has a collection of seashells from travels to the islands, get them out of their storage box, grab the glue gun, and get started creating your own seashell ornaments.
  • Handmade Crafts

    Handmade Crafts (153)

    SAC Handmade Crafts are great interior decorating ideas for kids and adults. Rare sea shells or a various seashell collection make stunning focal points for modern interior decorating in eco style. There are so many different ways to add sea shells and seashell crafts to your home. Here are a few wonderful interior decorating ideas that are inspiring and interesting.
  • Nightlite and Lamps

    Nightlite and Lamps (83)

    SAC Shell Lamps light up your room , Light up your day.All Seashell lamp are handmade with natural shells.Therefore,no two are alike!!!
  • Carved Shells

    Carved Shells (5)

    SAC Hundreds of intricately carved seashells and bone and ivory scrimshaw pieces covered the many shelves that the sailor had fixed up around the rooms, and a huge, weathered piece of driftwood with a magnificent ...
  • Dyed and Painted Seashells

    Dyed and Painted Seashells (11)

    SAC Seashells painting creates beautiful  Ocean Art.Let the kids go wild and create colorful masterpieces with the shells they collect.This beautiful sea discovery is a fun way to remember that trip to the shore.
  • Art Photo /Shadow Box

    Art Photo /Shadow Box (22)

    SAC Ever collected shells at the beach or just admired their natural beauty? Frames decorated in shells are always distinct (no two shells are the same), stimulate personal or collective creativity, and evoke a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere for years to come.
  • Cut and Drilled Shells

    Cut and Drilled Shells (8)

    SAC Pretty and Fun Drilled and cut Shells with a top drill. For your jewelry creation or many craft project, these shells are great. Crochet them into a  ...tiny sliced, cut or drilled seashells for crafts, sailors valentines, jewelry, fairy gardens, Nerites, umboniuns, nassa, cebu beauty, cones ...etc.
  • Mirrors/Hair Accessories

    Mirrors/Hair Accessories (12)

    SAC Seashells and coral encrusted home accessories, including: shells mirrors, ornaments, comb treasure boxes etc.Treat yourself or someone you love to a gorgeous hand created seashell mirror, a sea glass or seashell frame, our signature starfish wreath, or a distinctive luxury custom crafted shell mirror.We specialize in gorgeous beach wedding decor.We look forward to making something perfect for you!
  • Seashells Candles

    Seashells Candles (27)

    SAC Seashells Candles and Key Hanger.Many occasions,the abundant seashore treasures you stumble upon on a beach outing are collected as sweet vacation souvenirs and tucked inside the drawers. We are talking about the priceless seashells scattered on the sandy beaches that could be turned into one-of-kind accents instead for your abode.Made from authentic seashells, the aesthetic flare of the candles creates a lively ambiance for an impromptu beach party. Key Hanger ...
  • Jewelry Collections

    Jewelry Collections (24)

    SAC Shell jewelry is jewelry that is primarily made from seashells, the shells of marine mollusks. Shell jewelry is a type of shellcraft. One very common form of shell jewelry is necklaces that are composed of large numbers of beads, where each individual bead is the whole shell of a small sea snail.
  • Bottle Shells Collection

    Bottle Shells Collection (36)

    SAC My most popular Beach in a Bottle...The classic glass bottle makes a perfect display for this special collection of Shore seashells! The huge waves have washed up a treasure assortment of all kinds of beautiful shells, pieces of sea glass etc. This great bottle is filled to the brim with Puka Shells, Cone Shells, Cowrie, Drupe, Miter etc.A unique Home Decor treasure for any room in the house or office and makes the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for your favorite ocean lover. This gorgeous bottle gives a natural glimpse of the gifts of the Sea from every side and soothes the soul when admired. A shimmery gold ribbon and hemp cord with dangling shells give a finishing decorative touch to the outside (not pictured).&