DG Eye Catching Conversation Pieces into the interior or exterior design of your home and office.Treat yourself or someone you love with decorative seashells.All seashells are one of a kind gifts from the sea.

Decorator Gallery

  • DecorativeBoard 👁‍🗨 Amazing

    DecorativeBoard 👁‍🗨 Amazing (9)

    DG A great Decorative Board to choose from “Amazing designs” available.You can choose special designs from here.Never missed it.
  • DecorativeBoard 👁‍🗨 Float

    DecorativeBoard 👁‍🗨 Float (4)

    DG You can find wall shelves in multiple styles, colors, and layouts to add the perfect storage touch to your home or office. Choose a design or build your own today with our seashells decorative board.
  • DecorativeBoard 👁‍🗨 Inspired

    DecorativeBoard 👁‍🗨 Inspired (3)

    DG The best way to find inspiration for interior design is to delve into a new expression through nature, art, or other medium and discover a renewal of excitement to create beautiful home designs with our seashells decorative painting board.
  • DecorativeBoard 👁‍🗨 Steps…

    DecorativeBoard 👁‍🗨 Steps… (5)

    DG This modern Decorative Board (Steps)paintings is printed with high resolution.It is unique art style and would be the perfect art supplement on the wall, as an excellent art work wall paintings.Decorative board is also suitable for living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, salon, spa, hotel, home, etc.
  • DecorativeBoard 👁‍🗨 Tag

    DecorativeBoard 👁‍🗨 Tag (13)

    DG Door/Window Tags/Sign/Plaque is a polite greeting/mark sign as people come over, especially in some personal area, such as bedroom, garden, farmhouse, yard, work office, bathroom, toilet, etc.That will bring us much more convenient in daily life.
  • DecorativeBoard 👁‍🗨Signage

    DecorativeBoard 👁‍🗨Signage (14)

    DG Signage .When it comes to wooden beach signs, there is a huge variety for you to choose from. If you want to quickly transform your beach wall decor, getting a new ocean, beach, or coastal wooden sign is a great way to do it. In my honest opinion, signs stand out more as decorations and make the room pop better than a lot of artwork in beach homes.
  • DecorativeBoard👁‍🗨Artistic

    DecorativeBoard👁‍🗨Artistic (14)

    DG Seashells Art inspired by seashells - in the widest sense: Drawings, paintings, photography, sculpture... and more!. See more ideas about seashell Art Board ...
  • DecorativeBoard👁‍🗨Bells

    DecorativeBoard👁‍🗨Bells (5)

    DG You can also hang the bells on the Seashells Decorative Board near the entrance, foyer or the main door of the house or outside doorknobs. The ringing sound every time the door is opened will reassure the influx of good purifying energies and activate yang energies too.

  • Homeliving Accesories

    Homeliving Accesories (9)

    DG Homeliving Accesories . Seashells homeliving decor ideas decorating with seashells and adding unique wall mirror frames, candle holders, vases and small bathroom accessories to your interior design give a beach like look and nautical flair to modern bathroom decor.
  • Motivations Art

    Motivations Art (17)

    DG Motivational board ideas and examples are incredibly useful and inspirational when making your own and to maximize your visualization practice! Also known as dream boards, these simple devices are one of the most valuable visualization tools available to you. The inspirational collages serve as your image of the future – a tangible example, idea or representation of where you are going. They should represent your dreams, your goals, and your ideal life. By representing your goals with pictures and images you will actually strengthen and stimulate your emotions because your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation…  and your emotions are the vibrational energy that activates the Law of Attraction. The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words,” certainly holds true here.
  • One Beachy Decor

    One Beachy Decor (8)

    DG Beachy Decor with Seashells. Picture of a Seashells Book-end is a cool ideas to highlight your BEACHY DECOR you can easily DIY alot.
  • PinCushion/Towel/Tissue H

    PinCushion/Towel/Tissue H (11)

    DG Check out our seashell pin cushion /Towel Holder/Curtain selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.
  • Religious Ceremony Acc.

    Religious Ceremony Acc. (10)

    DG Check out our religious ceremony selection for the very best in unique or custom such as Ceremonial Object/Varieties/Icons and symbols/Sculpture/Censer/Statue Hand Carving/Incense Holder etc.
  • Seashells Keys/ Leash Holder

    Seashells Keys/ Leash Holder (1)

    DG This Seashells key holder/hanger is great for any door entry into your home to hang keys and will add a perfect touch to your home.
  • Shells Alphabet /Letters

    Shells Alphabet /Letters (9)

    DG  It is a ‘Inspirational Table Art’ .Personalised Wood Alphabet/ Letters Hand   Decorated with Seashells, Beach Theme Gift, Beach Wedding Decor, Seashell Decor etc.This beautiful shell encrusted wooden letter was handmade using gorgeous multi-colored shells. I used only the prettiest seashells,turbos,cowries for my DIY project .

  • Shells Craft Tray/Basket

    Shells Craft Tray/Basket (6)

    DG The hobby of collecting includes seeking, acquiring, organizing, displaying etc. on all collectible items in proper manner.
  • Signature Art(Custom Made)

    Signature Art(Custom Made) (18)

    DG We specialize in custom wood or MDF board  signs for any occasion! Our wooden signs are perfect for wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, home decor, family name signs, unique indoor wooden wall art, or couples established plaque We are committed to creating the finest personalized wood signs for our customers.
  • Spoon/Fork/Spatula/Mug

    Spoon/Fork/Spatula/Mug (16)

    DG Browse spoon and fork  with cover at this website.Also,Kitchen accessories such as spatula holder, Kitchen Spoon Holders,mug etc is available here…
  • Decor Fishing Net & Hanger

    Decor Fishing Net & Hanger (10)

    DG How to decorate a wall with fishing net and seashells? Hanging a fishing net from your wall is an attractive way to give the room a nautical or tropical look; handing seashells from the netting adds to the nautical appeal. This look is particularly effective if you hang or paint a mural of an ocean or lake scene on the wall before adding the fishing net and seashells. Other options include painting the walls an ocean blue shade before adding the decor or hanging an inexpensive poster depicting a seascape.
  • Fishermen Net(Bulk)

    Fishermen Net(Bulk) (10)

    DG Sea shell art and crafts are versatile and suitable for any interior decorating, blending creativity with natural material and unique texture. You can share these seashell craft ideas with your friends and family, and spend quality time together creating beautiful seashell decorations for your home and seashell gifts.Thus,fishermen supply all kind of seashells that suits your home and office decorations.
  • Coastal Decor Ideas

    Coastal Decor Ideas (178)

    DG Easy Coastal & Beach Decorating Ideas.Decorating your home is easy with some simple tips for getting the coastal look.Seashells, new, old, found or purchased give you an instant coastal look.  Try arranging them in a shallow dish, tray or trough so that you can really see the ones that you have and appreciate their God given uniqueness.  Larger shells look great gathered in a bowl.
  • Seashells Poster

    Seashells Poster (22)

    DG Colorfully improve your space today with Seashell Posters and prints you love that won't break the bank. Simply discover the perfect Seashell Posters, prints, ...
  • Seashells Sticker

    Seashells Sticker (41)

    DG Get your hands on great customizable Seashell stickers from us. Decorate for any occasion and make your own with your text or photo!
  • PaperWeight /Stone Decor

    PaperWeight /Stone Decor (15)

    DG If you’ve been to the beach before, you’ve probably spotted the best and beautiful seashells. If you haven’t been to the beach before, you’ve probably admired them too! Seashells, or Mollusca, come in all sorts of colors, textures, and shapes, so it’s no wonder that they’ve become collector’s items. Whether you’re a casual shell seeker on a family vacation or a serious conchologist, someone who studies and collects shells, there are various tips and techniques to follow to have the best shell-collecting experience and made the best hobby you ever have.
  • Mat/TableCloth H/NapkinR

    Mat/TableCloth H/NapkinR (25)

    DG Placemat/Table Cloth/NapkinRings Add some holiday cheer to your table setting with Seashells placemats, cloths and runners. A perfect addition to any nautical decor! 100% Genuine Seashells; What a wonderful nautical addition to any food or drink! A Beach ...
  • Shells & Craft Books

    Shells & Craft Books (6)

    DG Get the best deals on Seashells and craft books when you shop the largest online selection at malaysia seashells .com.We can help you find the seashells books you are looking for. As the Malaysia 's largest marketplace for new, used and rare Seashells books, you always get the best in service and value when you buy from us.