The Mystic Power of Seashells in Ancient and Modern History.

Seashells are very beautiful pieces of the ocean. Seashells have been used in many different cultures as money, art, jewelry and much more. Beginning in the 17th century, European colonial trade and exploration in the Far East and Australasia brought back exotic seashells for wealthy collectors in Europe who prized them as precious items.This inspired conchylomania, or “madness for collecting shells,” which derives from the Latin word “concha” for “mussel.”Beautiful collections of seashells have been found in remote places throughout the world. Whether you are by the ocean or not you may find beautiful discoveries in the landscape around you. Here are some gorgeous examples of some mystical uses for seashells.

1)Cowrie shells Money

2)Jewelry and Ornaments

3)Religious and Spiritual Objects

4)Tools and Domestic Implements

Ancient Seashells

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