My Hobby..

About 30 years ago, I got the idea of seashell collection as a hobby from my girl-friend (now my wife). She used to live in Kuantan,Pahang and familiar with coastal living and associated hobbies. Seashell collection was a common hobby for most of kids when they were growing up, however, such habits got faded away in their teenage life.

I am from Johor Bahru,Johor and love swimming in open sea. As such, when I heard about seashell, I found it a perfect leisure activity for me. Today, my son is equally enjoying seashell collection as a hobby, too.

Initially, we started as a hobbyist and collector of various types of seashells in and around Malaysia. When we started to travel abroad, spending time at beaches and collecting seashells became an unstoppable habit. Of course, we ensured that local laws are observed at all times.

As our collections grew, we applied our creativity to produce seashells-based souvenirs and gifts for friends. We were amazed with the interest shown. Thereafter, we started to participate in flea markets in Klang Valley (Malaysia) and actively sold our collections (either in its natural form or as a creative ‘gift’). We have also started to buy and / or exchange seashells from others with similar interest.

Based in Malaysia, we have over 2,000 species of seashells from around the world in our collections. Most of them are tropical shells coming from abundance and prolific breeders.Almost 50% of our collection are by-product of the industries. For example, they are seen as ‘waste’ in food industries or by-products from harvested clams.

Our goal is to provide you with the option to choose the most beautiful shells from our collections, at the right price.

We thank you for visiting our website. We are hopeful that you will find some of our collections are of interest to you or to your loved ones. If you decide to add these to your collection or thinking of giving it as a gift to someone you love, we are just an email away.




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